Monday, December 05, 2005

bye bye Macromedia...

Adobe acqusition of Macromedia was scheduled to close on 3rd of Dec.
I quit macromedia India, on the (supposedly) last working day of macromedia. Joining another place as a Flash Actionscript developer again.

Being a developer had been a much satisfying job. The joy you get when you are able to implement a solution to a problem - it's a really different feeling.. and I felt deprived of it all these days. Wanted to revive that now. Enter Symphony Services India

Being a macromedian had been a great feeling... And I would really cherish the memories of those days, for a long time now.

Hope this change would help me in gettng out of that lazy routine I had been following these days!

Back to programming :)



Anonymous said...

Hey Arul, going for what you love most is a very good thing. Wishing you all the best in all your endeavours in life.

Anand said...

Congrats Arul

Best of luck for your new assignment.
Wish you a Happy coding.. :)

Arul said...

thanks "Anonymous", and Anand.