Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Duplicating nested symbols

I'm in the process of writing a JSFL command to duplicate a symbol including the nested symbols in it. As far as I've seen many flash designers (and in fact developers too) find this a issue troubling them, when they duplicate a main symbol-forget to duplicate the internal nested symbols and go on and do changes in the internal symbols, only to find out the damage at a later stage.

Hope I would find some takers for this command. I'm already done with a basic construct. Will post it when its complete.


Anonymous said...

I'm really looking for a tool like the one you mentioned for duplicating nested symbols and haveing all the nested symbols duplicated as well. I have some symbols that are about 9 leves deep that I have to duplicate over and over again for my current project. Such a pain. Have you made any progress on this project?

Arul said...


I've been lazy about taking it forward. Now that someone is interested, I'll take it up, and finish it soon.

Will post it soon :)

thanks for the enquiry!

Anonymous said...

Did you ever make this? or maybe there's been another solution since you wrote about it? I deal with this problem every day as a flash game designer. Thanks!