Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005

I feature in the About Flash dialog now.

Am honored. Really. Some 3 yrs back, I never even dreamt about anything like that. And now, I feature in the about page of Flash - The software I always loved. Listed along with the likes of the legends who literally created revolutions( be it RIAs, light weight video on the web - high Quality vector graphics on the web) - Its overwhelming.

As I said before.. Am really feeling honored. And let me borrow a punch line from Mc Donalds :

"Am Loving it!"

Studio 8 - The announcement has been made :)

- Studio:
- Dreamweaver:
- Flash:
- Fireworks:

Studio 8 announcement to be out at 8 AM on 8 / 8 SF Time

Watch out, today is the announcement day! Macromedia is making its public announcement of the next Studio today. Check out a detailed news item on

This release of Studio, Studio 8, will include Flash Professional 8, Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8, Contribute 3 and FlashPaper 2. As a change from the previous Studio suite, this release will not ship any new version of FreeHand, but adds Contribute and FlashPaper.

The page on MacWorld also has links to their reviews on the Flash Professional 8, Dreamweaver 8 and Fireworks 8.

Watch this space for more news ...