Friday, October 31, 2008

easter egg in Flash CS4 Professional

Keeping up with the easter egg 'tradition', Flash CS4 Professional includes the usual easter egg - a slideshow of all engineers who worked on the Flash authoring and player teams.

You can invoke it by clicking on a really small ( may be, a 1 * 1 px ) button on the About Flash splash screen. I'm not gonna spoil the party by exposing where the button is, its fun clicking all over the dialog, for sometime :)

When Flash CS3 Professional was released last year, I did a similar post. When I installed CS4 today, first thing that came to mind was to go find the easter egg. And I got lucky in a few clicks. Lets see how many releases I can keep doing this ;)

M Williams passed away a lil while ago. This picture will carry his memories as long as Flash CS4 lives!

And Robert Penner. the easing hero :)

I decided to stop at 2 screenshots, but this pic of Sean is too funny to let go!

Ok, I can't contain any longer, time to go try out the new features!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

flash player 10 released parallelly for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms!

For the first time ever, flash player release for Linux has been released along with the other two major platforms, windows and mac.

Am using a Ubuntu install on my macbookpro these days, so am thrilled to have the latest player on my machine on the same day as my windows and mac colleagues :P

Official press release is here.
You can get the latest flashplayer installed here

I hear that, Adobe AIR release with the latest Flash player capabilities, is coming very soon as well :)

Flash player 10 adds a lot of new expressiveness features - You'll start seeing apps built with those features once Flash CS4 goes out in the wild (looks like buyers can already download it. Trial versions must be coming, very very soon). The demos here will give you a good idea of some of the new features, so check it out after your installation is complete.

Oh, and on a side note, Silverlight2.0 was released a couple of days ago as well, but I can't install. There is no linux version, much like their previous version. I checked the system requirements page, and was confused at the silverlight plugin listed being not available for Safari on windows. Why?!
And when the page shows "unsupported platform" it also shows a "click to install" button below that. Which keeps refreshing the page. -_-