Friday, April 03, 2009

A bookmarklet for's new Diggbar

Kevin Rose announced DiggBar today. Read the official blogpost here

Diggbar is a 'toolbar' for Digg - but without any traditional installation process. Unlike traditional browser toolbars, this is a html toolbar which gets appended on top of any website that you visit the webpage with "" prefix-ed to the url. Digg also creates a short url for all those webpages that you visit using this feature.

I personally like this feature, and can see a lot of uses to this - but am too busy with work to pen down my thoughts. You all can read what those pro-bloggers have to say instead :P

Am sure there are some lazy buggers out there who find having to prefix the "" a tiring task. So I put this lil bookmarklet together:


Drag the DiggBar button above to your bookmarks toolbar in your browser*. Now you just have to click on that bookmark link everytime you visit a website that you wanna Diggbar-ize. Cool stuff, huh? ;)

* - Tested on Firefox & Safari. Not sure if it works on IE, Sorry. If you tried this on IE, leave a comment. Thanks!

Happy Digging!