Saturday, February 12, 2005

Off topic - Operation Valentine

Its again that season of the year, with lots of love in the air.. People making up their minds to disclose their love for their loved ones.. Roses.. High business for greeting cards and gifts companies.. and as usual time for people to argue about the need for a special day to express love.. the ones who fight that all days are as good, and the others who fight that this is a day that will spoil all the 'cultural and traditional values' of the young people around.

Macromedia has taken this a step forward from a day of just fun with our loved ones, to a day of making others happy. And thats Operation Valentine. Here is what Macromedia has to say about Operation Valentine:
"Macromedia is sponsoring a special event the week of Valentine's Day: Operation Valentine.

In conjunction with the US Army, we are enabling the members of a brigade stationed in Mosul, Iraq, to communicate with their loved ones back home. As many as 4000 soldiers will use Breeze Live to have two-way audio/video meetings with their families and sweethearts."

For people who dont have any idea of what macromedia Breeze is, its a product from Macromedia, which enables audio / video communication through the internet, in a much efficient way. For more information on Breeze, you can click

And for people who dont know macromedia, click

And for folks who dont know my connection with Macromedia, Well, I work for Macromedia R & D India Ltd. :-)

So, there you go!

Enjoy your valentines day, with your Valentine :-)

Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm a Macromedia certified Flash Developer

Its been quite some time since I started thinking about a certification. The only purpose I expected it to accomplish was to help me in my career. And the deadline I had set for myself was December 2004. And thats when all the 'unexpected' turn arounds happened and I found myself in Macromedia.

I took my certification on 5th Feb, and cleared it. So here I am, a MMCP :-)

The Indian Shankar Drum Ganesh Machine

Except for the name, I found the stuff cool.

a mixer for Indian Music ... A nice idea.. May be someone will do it in a big scale one day and may be it will be used professionally. I passed this link to a friend and in just 4-5 minutes she was like playing a cool stuff on it!

Nice work.