Friday, June 29, 2007

the iphone homepage is live

The iphone homepage is live on here:

[OT] iPhone launch live on mogulus

From the mogulus team:
iPhone Launch TV powered by Mogulus

This Friday, Mogulus will bring you 24/7 live stream coverage of the
launch of one of the most anticipated product in history, Apple's
iPhone. Broadcasting Live from New York, witness the excitement of
fans as they camp outside and stand in line at the two Apple stores
in Manhattan, just to get their hands on the revolutionary device.

Apple expects to sell over 15 million iPhones by the end of 2008.

Coverage started today at and will feature
multiple cameras and interviews starting tomorow at noon EST.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

FSUG updates + ATTN: Flash / AIR platform developers from Singapore

A few quick notes on the happenings over the last couple of days:

A few Singapore Flash Users group(FSUG) members attended an informal meet at Adobe Singapore yesterday. Mike Downey did a presentation about AIR and demo-ed a few AIR applications; The eBay app, buzzword, scrapBlog, to name a few. Had some nice fun time,(and nice snacks, thanks to adobe ;o) ) [Ronnie Liew has a writeup about the meet.]

Mike presented today at iX2007 Academic Forum as well.

A bunch of FSUG-ers met again today at Starbucks to discuss about the upcoming sessions of FSUG meets. We decided on making the sessions more friendly to designers as well. There will be more sessions targeted towards designers in the future. So do drop by at Adobe Singapore, on the second Saturday of every month. ( check out for updates)

Finally, following the steps by Abdul, I thought I'd collect links to Singapore based Flash/AIR platform developers and designers. So if you are a Singapore based Flash / AIR platform developer please leave a comment on this post.


Monday, June 11, 2007

enabling cookies for AIR ( apollo) - enable it on IE

I had an issue a while ago with AIR ('apollo' back then)'s HTMLControl not being able to log me into Attempts to login showed me a gmail error page stating that cookies were not enabled for the browser. I had no idea on how to enable cookies for webkit browser plugin inside apollo.

Every now and then, I'd see some people come up with applications that load gmail, and I used to be wondering, why wouldn't it work just on my machine! An attempt to get help from apollocoders mailing list didn't work either.

And today I was trying it on the latest public beta release, and still had no luck. Then I was reading about manageCookies method on URLRequest class documentation , which mentioned that for windows, clearing cookies on IE would clear cookies for apollo as well.

So I got this doubt and checked IE, and IE couldn't launch gmail as well. (\I hadn't used IE for a real long time now. The last time I used it on my laptop was when IE7 was launched, and I just installed and tried it; That was it. )

When I checked the privacy settings for IE, it was set to 'High', where most of the cookies get blocked. I changed this setting on IE to default, which is 'medium', and gmail loaded just fine.
Now when I try loading gmail into my AIR test application, it launches just fine as well!

So, just in case you had any cookies related custom settings in IE, remember, AIR applications are gonna be affected as well.

I seriously wish this changes with the 1.0 release. I mean, how would a user know, that AIR was dependant on IE, if they had abandoned IE and moved on with FF?

But ideally, I'd expect AIR to pick up settings (that are not directly possible on AIR itself) from the default browser on that machine. Not from a specific browser on each platform.

apollo beta 1(now Adobe AIR ) available on labs

The new homepage for AIR Beta1 is available here:
A download for FlexBuilder 3 beta ( code named Moxie ) is available here


Saturday, June 09, 2007

FSUG ( Singapore Flash User Group) meet - June 09 2007

Am back home after attending the Singapore Flash Users Group meet at adobe's office in Singapore.

It was tiny little gathering of people, not just designers and developers but there was an art director, a solution architect and a couple of students as well. There were three sessions in all; Marianne, a solutions engineer at adobe started off with a brief session on how Device Central CS3 allows integration between different CS3 applications. She showed how Adobe Illustrator CS3 could work together with Device Central CS3.

Then there was this intro session to Flash CS3 by Ryan, the founder of FSUG. He demonstrated how skinning V3 components was easier, the new actions panel features, and the 'copy motion to AS3' feature. He also demo-ed an advt banner which doubled up as a game; it was put together by two ploytechnic students, at the adobe Leadership Forum over the last week. I liked their concept behind the game. Pretty cool. (Hope they put it up online somewhere)

The final session was by Alvin of 3D sense media school, about how remoting could be achieved with Flash CS3 and AS3.0, by directly using the NetConnection class. He also spoke about Flourine and AS3LRF . He'd put together a small blogging application as a demo as well.

We also heard that Mike Downey is gonna be in city sometime next week, to be talking to customers about apollo. Looking forward to meet him there.

Next meet is gonna have our own Shunjie Hu talking about apollo. Hope to see more people join us for the same.

Thanks to the program manager at adobe who made this meeting possible. She was a sweet lady, and I forgot her name!! [UPDATE: her name is WEE LENG. Thanks Sandeestar for pointing it out, and to Ronnie for correcting me on Marianne's name. Am so bad with names!!] Also thanks to Ryan and all the attendants!

Spotted Mars on Google Maps street View

Check it out on google maps; its from the wrong side though...

Ok, that wasn't very funny; But am sure a lot of Flash teamers are preparing to welcome their weekend at Mars today ;o)

Happy weekend everyone.

And yea, a reminder to all flashers in singapore: the FSUG meet is on tomorrow. See you all there!

Friday, June 08, 2007

flash player to cache Flex framework!

This is awesome news. Am so excited that I can't go to sleep now!

via Ted Patrick, Flash player's upcoming update is gonna allow caching the flex framework separately. The framework thus cached can be used across multiple applications. This is awesome news! Long ago, I submitted something in the same lines as a feature request for Flash player; And later I even discussed with a few friends about developing a service, which would host a UI framework which can be used by different applications, hence letting them share the same framework. And now the flash player is gonna allow that natively!

The details about how this is gonna be done is yet to be known, but am sure this is one powerful feature which is gonna drive up Flex adoption crazy!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Singapore Flash User Group meet on 9th June 2007

Its been over 7 months since I moved to Singapore, and I'm gonna be attending my first Singapore Flash User Group meet here in Singapore on 9th June( saturday). So guys, if you are in Singapore this weekend, do drop by at Adobe's office here.

Here are the details of the venue and the timings:

9 Jun 2007
Time: 10AM - 1PM
Venue: Adobe Office, PageMaker Room
8 Temasek Boulevard
#06-02 Suntec Tower Three
Singapore 038988

This would be my first real chance to meet up with fellow actionscript developers ( and designers) in Singapore. So am looking forward to this event. Thanks to MAX2006, I did meet a few people, but I was busy catching up with the visiting celebrities most of the time;o)

For more details about the event, go here.