Friday, June 08, 2007

flash player to cache Flex framework!

This is awesome news. Am so excited that I can't go to sleep now!

via Ted Patrick, Flash player's upcoming update is gonna allow caching the flex framework separately. The framework thus cached can be used across multiple applications. This is awesome news! Long ago, I submitted something in the same lines as a feature request for Flash player; And later I even discussed with a few friends about developing a service, which would host a UI framework which can be used by different applications, hence letting them share the same framework. And now the flash player is gonna allow that natively!

The details about how this is gonna be done is yet to be known, but am sure this is one powerful feature which is gonna drive up Flex adoption crazy!



Lionel Low said...


As I read this news yesterday, I was so excited about it too. But well, I still managed to sleep. :D

Probably the biggest hurdle with Flex 2 apps are the huge file size. I agree with you that with this new caching, it will certainly drive the adoption up many times fold!


Anonymous said...

Is there any way to enable this feature for Flex 2 applications? How do you create an .swz file?
Since the Flash Player 9 Update 3 is now out, this would be fantastic.

Arul said...

SWZs are RSLs signed by adobe. I've seen this question being raised sometime back, and back then it didn't look like Adobe was gonna sign custom frameworks. This might have changed with the latest beta, am not sure about it.
We'll talk about it during the FUG meet tomorrow, hopefully, I'll have some answers :)

Arul said...

And ya, this wouldnt work for Flex2 apps. AFAIK, The framework can't handle SWZs