Monday, June 11, 2007

enabling cookies for AIR ( apollo) - enable it on IE

I had an issue a while ago with AIR ('apollo' back then)'s HTMLControl not being able to log me into Attempts to login showed me a gmail error page stating that cookies were not enabled for the browser. I had no idea on how to enable cookies for webkit browser plugin inside apollo.

Every now and then, I'd see some people come up with applications that load gmail, and I used to be wondering, why wouldn't it work just on my machine! An attempt to get help from apollocoders mailing list didn't work either.

And today I was trying it on the latest public beta release, and still had no luck. Then I was reading about manageCookies method on URLRequest class documentation , which mentioned that for windows, clearing cookies on IE would clear cookies for apollo as well.

So I got this doubt and checked IE, and IE couldn't launch gmail as well. (\I hadn't used IE for a real long time now. The last time I used it on my laptop was when IE7 was launched, and I just installed and tried it; That was it. )

When I checked the privacy settings for IE, it was set to 'High', where most of the cookies get blocked. I changed this setting on IE to default, which is 'medium', and gmail loaded just fine.
Now when I try loading gmail into my AIR test application, it launches just fine as well!

So, just in case you had any cookies related custom settings in IE, remember, AIR applications are gonna be affected as well.

I seriously wish this changes with the 1.0 release. I mean, how would a user know, that AIR was dependant on IE, if they had abandoned IE and moved on with FF?

But ideally, I'd expect AIR to pick up settings (that are not directly possible on AIR itself) from the default browser on that machine. Not from a specific browser on each platform.
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