Saturday, December 17, 2005

C# to Flash swf

This thing seems to have been around for a while now.. Wonder how I never heard anyone speak about it till now!

NeoSwiff lets you create a swf out of C# code! If you are a C# developer, You got to write code, just the way you would do to create a C# application, and when you compile, you get a SWF out of it.

This is way too lovely! Take a look at their samples and you'll know why I am soo excited. Their forms sample in particular is sooo very neat!

I thought I would write about it on Monday, but then couldn't control the excitement! Well, I've saved a whole lot of info for Monday's post anyway :)

They also provide a 180 day evaluation version as a free download. This is when I miss not having a laptop! Or I would have had something to play around, for the weekend!

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