Friday, December 30, 2005

How do you edit?

This place that I work for currently, has introduced me to the Open Source part of Flash.. It does make sense to me - All these days, I have been tied to Macromedia's products... And now, when there is no more macromedia, I'm out there to explore the world of OS!

I was welcomed by MTASC, SWFMILL, and Eclipse with ASDT. Of the infamous FAMES combo, I was using all but FlashOut. Its really cool to see soo many tools out there, to aid development of swfs...

And quiet after 2 days of work on the 'AMES' combo, I realized that Eclipse, and hence ASDT were really causing troubles. Eclipse is great, no doubt, but the amount of memory it grabs is equally 'great'! Add to the Tomcat server running on my machine, the amount of Virtual Memory that java.exe was grabing was abt 900 MB.. And my production machine with just abt 1 Gig of main memory, was struggling to keep up. So I finally decided to break apart from 'AMES'

Enter SE|PY. To be honest, I've tried SE|PY before. - right when I was with mm, I think... And I did try out SciTE as well. SciTE had been my best pick then.. This time however, I decided to hold on the SE|PY for sometime.

And just as I was cribbing about a bug that was haunting me in SE|PY ( the one around the Find Panel) I thought of searching for an update. The version I had installed was 1.0, in the process found that they have a RC3 build of 1.5.2 available for download.

And I started writing this post as I was waiting for the download to complete...

Oh ya, its complete. Let me go try that out!

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Welcome to the world of open source!