Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Thermo - a new member in the Flex product line?

Since last week blogs are busy speculating what Thermo would be. Sam Robbins blogged about discovering a job description for an Engineering Manager Position on Thermo. And Ted posted a note about it. Mark Anders was sad that he wasn't the one to expose thermo first, like he had planned ;-P

Well, as of yesterday Ted has a new post where he mentions that he will be blogging abt new features in Flex 3 Beta 2. He also has a little mention about "the expansion of the Flex Family." being a part of the announcements on Oct 1st. That confirms a few speculations that said Thermo had something to do with Flex and the Flash platform.

My guess is that Thermo would be something that would bridge the gap between Flex builder and graphical asset editing tools like Flash / Photoshop? Would it create visual effects - like transitions, and save it into an MXML? ( like what the 'Copy motion as Actionscript3.0' feature in does Flash CS3? )

Its kinda fun to play the guessing game isn't it ? ;o)


Ted Patrick said...

I was talking about another type of expansion, not "Thermo"! Keep guessing MAX is right around the corner.


Ted :)

Arul said...

duh! so there is more!!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking along those same lines for Thermo. We'll have to wait 'till MAX.

senocular said...

Maybe its a monitor attachment for keeping your coffee warm?

Arul said...

lol! That would make the makers of this product (http://www.smarthome.com/91309.html) unhappy!
--via Joshbuhler

Rob McKeown said...

Ted, and the rest of the Adobe folks, are absolute geniuses when it comes to creating a buzz and getting their user community excited. I can't wait to find out what's coming. Bummer I won't make it to MAX.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe ted was alluding to something to do with all the flex explorers that are poping up. Maybe thats how he ment by "the expansion of the Flex Family." Or maybe thats kidna what thermo is. An aggregation of all these flex explorers like the style explorer and component explorer ect. into on handy dandy design tool that spits out the mxml/css/actionscript for you.