Tuesday, March 24, 2009

BugQuash - Don't just complain, do something about it

The line "Dont just complain, do something about it" nailed it for me.

From the pre-event kit:

All of us have run into bugs with all types of software. Every now and then we even run into some that are a part of the Flex SDK. These bugs can be aggravating due to their elusive nature - you think the bug is something that you are doing wrong while all the time it is a bug in the Flex SDK that was likely missed during various testing - this is not uncommon! Now that the Flex SDK is open source, our community has the exciting opportunity to help eliminate bugs in the SDK. Adobe has designated numerous bugs as Community Bug Fix Candidates which they believe are the best candidates for the community to tackle. However, you're not limited to fixing the Community Bug Fix Candidates. Do you have a bug that's been deferred or not yet resolved? If you're passionate (or rather irritated) by other bugs, we encourage you to quash those too! Our goal at the Flex BugQuash is to eliminate these bugs and contribute software patches to Adobe for their approval. We want to quash as many bugs as possible within the time allotted! Wouldn't you love to be part of it?

Want this for your site?

Visit http://bugquash.com/ for details. If you are in Seattle WA, you can physically attend the event, and if u are away, online option is available as well.

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