Tuesday, July 01, 2008

http://www.flexjobs.in - A new Flex jobs portal

Finding the right people for Flex developer positions has become a major headache for most of the companies out there. I've seen companies resort to other technologies when they can't find people to work on their Flex projects. Being a relatively new technology, finding Flex developers through consultants has also become a hassle. At times, I get calls from job consultants who have absolutely no idea about what it is that they are wanting to hire me for!

Flexjobs.in is a new job site for Flex ( and Flash platform in general) jobs. Though the domain name ends with a .in the site covers international job openings as well. ( talk about finding a domain name)

Posting jobs on the site is free. There is also a premium account for job posters, where they can employ flexjobs.in to do the first round of screening processes for candidates. Having been experienced Flash platform application architects, who have also built successful development teams, the guys behind flexjobs.in can sure do a good job in that area.

The site also lets developers put up their profile, so that prospective employers can 'choose' developers and contact them. Also, developers can choose to subscribe themselves to newer job postings via email.

Check it out: www.flexjobs.in

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Anonymous said...

It's a great idea. (Especially as I'm looking for a job right now). Such a pity it doesn't work. They really should have tested it before going live.

And I couldn't find contact details to tell the website owner about the problem. (creating a profile just won't submit).