Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CNN Money knows how Apple is gonna end the standoff with Adobe-By putting Flash memory on iphone!

A couple of weeks ago, John Dowdell, Peter Elst, Mrinal Wadhwa, and Brajeshwar Oinam posted about how 'geek' bloggers are writing silly posts about Silverlight vs AIR.

Today, someone passed me a link to this post on CNN Money, which beats every other blogger hands down:

" Just how will Apple meet expectations? Using the patent application as a guide, Apple appears to be making room on the iPhone for flash memory, which means an end to Apple's standoff with Adobe (ADBE) that's kept iPhones from easily viewing a plethora of Internet videos."

Now this dude thinks that Flash memory and Adobe's Flash media player are the same. Beat that people!

The entire post is a joke. Check it out!
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