Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CNN Money knows how Apple is gonna end the standoff with Adobe-By putting Flash memory on iphone!

A couple of weeks ago, John Dowdell, Peter Elst, Mrinal Wadhwa, and Brajeshwar Oinam posted about how 'geek' bloggers are writing silly posts about Silverlight vs AIR.

Today, someone passed me a link to this post on CNN Money, which beats every other blogger hands down:

" Just how will Apple meet expectations? Using the patent application as a guide, Apple appears to be making room on the iPhone for flash memory, which means an end to Apple's standoff with Adobe (ADBE) that's kept iPhones from easily viewing a plethora of Internet videos."

Now this dude thinks that Flash memory and Adobe's Flash media player are the same. Beat that people!

The entire post is a joke. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

lol, now thats what you call a tool or the trade.

Anonymous said...

it's funny the post says that

"An Apple spokesman would not comment."

but the truth is yeah they did

An Apple spokesman-
"wtf are you talking about you moron"

so it's no wonder they didn't post that.

also type-o in my last post sorry.

Anonymous said...

You mean Flash Player is something different than Flash memory? OMG!!!!!!

If CNN makes such kind of announcements then the blogger next door is totally right comparing Air with Silverlight.
Another suggestion from me would be to compare Air with Vista! Would make sense..