Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sichuan, China - earthquake - do your part, help people rebuild their lives

Details of the quake available on wikipedia.

By now, reports say that over 65,080 people have lost their lives and over 23,150 are reported missing.

Came across this video yesterday. Real cute ones, those panda babies:

The description of the video says it was shot in Chengdu, which happens to be about 80 kms away from the epi-centre of the quake. It would be a miracle if those pandas are still around...

Saw a CNN report today stating that a lake (that was formed by a landslide blocking a river) is about to overflow sometime today/tomorrow, and that's gonna bring in more havoc. NYT report on that here.

Sandy, a friend made this post today collecting various videos from chinese websites. This particular video, I think is is gonna haunt me for a long time to come..

The man was stuck under that big pile of concrete for 73 hrs and still held on, and died when after he was rescued. Thats really sickening!

Reports say that more than 5 million people have been rendered homeless. I can't imagine what a humongous task rebuilding their lives and homes is gonna be. And even after more than a week since it hit, the aftershocks still keep killing people and bringing down buildings.

If you'd like to contribute money to supporting the victims, look for some options

If you are in Singapore, and would like to contribute via red cross, check out the details here

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