Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gaia - Steven Sack's flash framework for creating websites

I've been wanting to blog about this, more as a bookmark for myself, but then thought blogging would help someone knew learn about it as well.

Steven Sacks, a popular flash developer in the flashcoders community recently released a Flash website development framework Gaia. In Steven's own words :
Gaia (pronounced "guy-uh") is an open-source framework that provides powerful solutions for building Flash websites to designers and developers of all skill levels. Gaia dramatically reduces development time and is the first tool to feature a scaffolding engine for Flash.
Now, I don't do website development myself, so I haven't really used it. But I went through the demo video he had posted, and it looked really useful. Am sure it will give a jump start for website developers, when they start off to develop websites.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, the gaia framework's homepage seems to be down for maintenance. Bad timing huh? In case you aren't able to view the site, just bookmark the url and try it out later. If you are into website development, take my words - its really worth it.


Arul said...

A lot of people have been pinging me asking if I got a copy of the framework. I hadn't downloaded it before, so I asked for the same in Flashcoders list and got it via http://hermitscastle.com/.
I've uploaded the framework here as well: http://arulprasad.googlepages.com/GaiaFramework.zip

Anonymous said...

The latest version of the framework is out..its more robust and SEO ready.