Sunday, April 29, 2007

Flash CS3 About box easter egg

Unlike Flash 8, Flash CS3 has a slightly bigger hit area for the hidden button, and in a pretty easily predictable location ;o)

I was thinking of taking snap shots of all the people I know, but it would mean a lot of work to do, especially at 3 AM! I got no idea how to digg out the SWF with the slideshow, like how the ASVGuy did last time around. So, just a couple of the most recognizable faces in the list.

As you see, it's similar to the easter egg that was found in flash 8. A slideshow of pictures representing all the engineers in the flash authoring and flash player teams. Watching it brought some nice memories of a few old friends in there. One of them even has a picture that I clicked of him!

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Anonymous said...

And that friend has sent you big thanks for clicking such a nice pic of rather boring guy ;)