Tuesday, March 20, 2007

apollo alpha build available on Labs

I guess this would be one of the most anticipated releases on adobe Labs for a long time now.

For starters, the runtime can be downloaded here. This will help you view all the cool examples developers are gonna be churning out in the next few days :)

The SDK and docs are available here. If you'd wanna start building applications based on Apollo runtime, this download is for you.

This page here has the online documentation. A pocket guide put up by Mike chambers and others is available here

Thats all the basic links you need to get started. Watch out for what the developer world is doing with Apollo, on MXNA.

Personally, am pretty thrilled about the HTML control provided by the apollo runtime (like many others out there). Am not gonna be building a really needy of a web browser inside Flash, to me it means, all that formatting issues we got with getting images and text together in htmlText in flash html textfield are gone! + a real good performance improvement ( hopefully)

I can't wait to have my hands dirty with Apollo now. But gotta be rushing to work!
Good luck people!

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Lionel Low said...

wa nice~ all the links here. with snap preview some more. haha...

I'm just starting to read up the docs from their wiki. got so many things to read!!

let's start an experiment soon. what say you? ;)