Tuesday, July 18, 2006

[OT] : blogspot.com, typepad.com, geocities.com banned in India!

I had been wondering why a few of my favourite blogs were not accessible today morning. And only by evening(when a friend of mine told over chat) did I know that my blog was blocked too! I figured out the govt of India had asked the ISPs to block a few blogs because they were supposed to have 'objectionable content'. Wonder if they mistook me when I said i'm a flasher ;o)

On a serious note, I'm pretty seriously pissed off!

More info here.

Meanwhile someone let me know about this site:http://www.pkblogs.com And guess what was the first blog I read through this proxy? The one which was supposed to be the reason behind this ban (na, am not gonna provide a link) - and I never even knew about this blog before! Guess the Govt of India has ended up providing some indirect advertising for those bloggers with 'objectionable content'!

Oops, now will the sue me for saying this? :P

May be I'll cut it short here. Hoping they lift the ban soon! - Or may be its time I booked my own domain name...

Update:07/ 22/ 06 : the ban seems to have been lifted off now!


Brajeshwar said...

Well, you can view Blogspot blogs through PKlogs.com. I have written a bit about the same.

Anonymous said...

Cool! I thought these things happen only in the Gulf.. India is catching up pretty well:) -Mayura

Arul said...


true mayura. we aren't very much behind!

Anonymous said...

These comments have been invaluable to me as is this whole site. I thank you for your comment.