Sunday, April 02, 2006

China Buys Google - Oh man, Did I just get fooled??

It just isn't making much sense in Google being bought over by China's ministry of Info.. And when I read the article again, Every other detail seems to be wierdly made up! And worst of all, its still April 1st out there!!!

Pranks by Google on previous April Fool's days just struck me now!!!

If its a april fool's game, they seem to have planned it great - I read that on theregistrar's site and I found the link in scobleizer's blog, and there are other 'breaking news' as well!

I tried reading the 'breaking news' posts as well, but am not able read thru.. Probably I should get back to sleep!


But hey, it isnt a far game after all.. Its April 2nd here already :D


Aman.... said...

Hey Arul
Thanx mate for your link for the information about my city,Ludhiana.And yes I was shocked by the news too so you are not alone;-).
Have fun.
Aman Sharma.

Anonymous said...

you are truely an idiot of the highest order

Arul said...

Oh thanks 'anonymous'

You helped me realize myself!