Wednesday, March 22, 2006

About Adobe Flash Player 8.5

Just noticed, the new Flash player 8.5 beta that gets installed with Flex Builder 2 Beta 2 has the "About Macromedia Flash player x" replaced with "Adobe Flash player 8.5" string in the context menu.

I still remember seeing the "About Macromedia Flash player 5..." link in the Windows XP tour, way back in 2000. Thats how I first came to know about flash (that was pretty late, I know) Forget working for Macromedia Flash team, little did I know I would make a living with Flash then :p

The menu looks little thinner now. (with "Macromedia" being replaced by the smaller string "adobe")

The settings dialog title still reads "Macromedia Flash player settings" though!


Abdul said...

Dude, xml namespace in Flex files(mxml) also changed to



Arul said...