Thursday, March 17, 2005

MAX 2005

Attended MAX 2005 today at Le Meridean. There were soo many differences this time..

Last year, when I attended MAX, I was still with EI DESIGN. I was sent to MAX as a representative of EI DESIGN. And just about a month after the MAX, I came out, to join Ascendum. That time I was soo excited to talk to see people there.. I got Brajeshwar's card, talked to him for a while, tried to talk to Mike Downey, but couldnt get a chance... And was completely pissed off when I paid 750 bucks and they dint give me a T shirt!! Besides all that I felt soo proud to have seen people live.. James Talbot, Mike Downey.. I just went back to EI D and boasted off a lot about seeing all those people!

Come MAX 2005, things have changed soo much!! I feel even more prouder this time :-) When people were saying all that "shits" and "wows" seeing each feature, It made me feel soo cool, being one of the very few, to actually work with the same features for weeks :-) And besides all that, I did have a chit chat with James Talbot, Greg, and Bill.. the MM jacket made me that valuable :-D

It seems people are very excited with the sneak peeks they had today, about the next version of Flash (I am not revealing the code name:-))) ) is going to be a huge hit, for sure!

Hail Flash nxt version (aah haa... I'm not going to tell the code name:-) )

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